Muddy Monsters Attack Ameland

VVV Ameland

Triangle Studios & Sterc

Release date:
17 June 2011

€ 1,58

The Dutch island of Ameland is under the attack of the Muddy Monsters! Only you are able to stop them by using your Anti-Monsters and defeat all the creatures trying to take over the Island.

We offer 60 unique levels for you to conquer in 3 different worlds. First, you will have to battle the Muddy Monsters crawling up to the lighthouse of Ameland, secondly you will deliver the battle on the seashore, and finally you will deliver the final blow at the open sea on the ferry to Ameland. The game will get increasingly difficult, introducing new enemies and weapons for you as you go along. This game will offer a great challenge and many hours of gameplay. We hope you enjoy Muddy Monsters Attack Ameland!

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