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Currently no jobs available.

All job positions are located in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands.


Still in school, but willing to learn all about the gaming industry? Might as well just give it a shot at Triangle’s for an internship! We regard investing in your future as very important at Triangle Studios, so we’ll make sure you work with as many new techniques, tools and platforms as possible. Want to find out what the possibilities are? Check the vacancies below.

Please note: Because of the large amount of submissions we’re receiving, it is taking us a lot of time to process each and every one of you. For the upcoming period of January 2019 until June 2019, please only submit your resume if you are taking a bachelor or masters level education in Computer Science, Marketing or if you are specializing in 3D Animation. Unfortunately, we cannot place artists (concept, 2D or 3D) at this time.

Our apologies if you have submitted your resume, but haven’t heard back from us.

Note: Unless otherwise stated, all jobs positions are located in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.