Making an impact
with creative marketing strategies
and result driven metrics

With years of experience in self-publishing titles and working for our clients we have the unique ability to support you with your marketing activities and initiatives!

Marketing strategies tailored to your game

Organize digital distribution

We maintain close relations with major digital distributors all around the globe. These partners include: Steam, Green Man Gaming, Humble, GetGamesGo, Nuveem, IndieGameStand, IndieGala and tons more. Whether it is to schedule a promotion, weekend deal or participate in a bundle. We can arrange global distribution.

Getting the word out

Over the years we have established fruitful relations with gaming journalists, critics, bloggers and content creators all over the world. We’re able to draft and write press releases in multiple languages and send them to our press contacts. We also can setup interviews and podcasts to make sure your game gets the attention it deserves.

Get your games Greenlit

Before you can publish and monetize products on Steam you need your product approved on Steam Greenlight. Our most recent title: Cross of the Dutchman took us approximately four days to get Greenlit on Steam Greenlight! We involve communities, press, and content creators to get your game onto Steam in no time!

Taking care of communities

We already manage communities for our self-published titles, so we’ve got the experience on how to keep your community involved and spread the word about your game!  Dealing with complains, cataloging consumer feedback and setting up awesome competitions and entertaining contests, we can do it!

Product-key distribution

Getting YouTube celebrities and Twitch streamers to cover your game greatly impacts the amount of sales. We’ve got an extensive database of contacts that are able to produce video content for your game. We’ll send out product-keys and make sure that they notice your game between the hundreds of emails they receive on a daily basis.

Assist with social media activities

With our social media tools we are able to monitor, adjust, plan and reply to all the buzz surrounding your title(s). Using the latest hashtags (#) on Twitter, reply to user comments on Facebook and share the latest screenshots of your game on Instagram, we do everything to get more social buzz for your product.







Triangle Studios is ready to partner with you!