Muddy Monsters Attack Ameland


The Dutch island of Ameland is under the attack of the Muddy Monsters! Only you are able to stop them by using your Anti-Monsters and defeat all the creatures trying to take over the Island.

Release date: June 17, 2011
Client: Sterc & VVV Ameland
Platform: iOS
Genre: Strategy
Languages: English

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About Muddy Monsters Attack Ameland

Defend Ameland against the muddy monsters!

For years the muddy monsters have defied the lighthouse on Ameland and they are trying to dim it’s light. It is your task to defend the beautiful Dutch island of Ameland and it’s lighthouse from the muddy monsters with your own anti-mudmonsters!

Try to prevent the muddy monsters from reaching the other end of the field by placing the anti-mudmonsters on a clever and strategic position on the field. Every muddy monster has his own skills, so be aware of their speed and devastating blows. When all muddy monsters have been destroyed you will advance to the next round. During the 60 levels new anti-mudmonsters and items will be unlocked so you can use new techniques to destroy the more intelligent muddy monsters!

Will you free Ameland from the muddy monsters?