Discover the vibrant city of Leeuwarden

What does the capital of Friesland has to offer?
The dynamic city of Leeuwarden and its surroundings make it an excellent place to continue the adventure that’s called your life! The city of Leeuwarden has a lot of offer to its residents in terms of great living conditions, relaxed atmosphere and plenty of activities for young and old. There is plenty to discover!

Metropolis without the chaos

Triangle Studios is based in the modern neighborhood just outside the city center, making it an ideal location to commute to. Even though Leeuwarden is the metropolis of one of the twelve provinces, Friesland, commuting to the office isn’t what you’d expect when living in a big city. There are plenty of buses, trains, accessible modern roads and  everything essentially can be done by riding your bike. (Trust us, you’ll need that in the Netherlands!)

Leeuwarden is centrally located in the province, making exploring the province and its beauties an easy and comfortable activity! Leeuwarden is connected with modern highways, essentially making it easy to travel everywhere you need to go. There are direct trains from the city to the international airport of Schiphol and buses drive everywhere throughout the Netherlands – you can pleasantly travel without all the negatives of travel in a huge metropolis.

Huge variety of activities and things to do!

In addition to the ability to explore and discover the rest of the charming province of Friesland with a rich history and beautiful nature there is plenty to do in the city! Hundreds of restaurants are located throughout the city, dozens of pubs and clubs can be visited to get your groove on and the municipality is constantly organizing events for young and old. The city has been declared European Capital of Culture 2018 and therefore the government is expecting a big burst of new hospitality entrepreneurs opening new businesses for everyone to enjoy!

The city of Leeuwarden is house to one of the best dance clubs in the Netherlands, Club Red, where you can show off your dance moves. If you don’t enjoy dancing you can explore the city center. We highly recommend that you visit Humphrey’s Restaurant, a place where you can eat your belly round. Whether you’ve got a hangover from a huge party or you’re stuffed with delicious food there is plenty to discover, smell and taste at the market which you can visit in the city center on Fridays and Saturdays!

The past and the future

The city breaths history, you can see it whenever you decide to take a look at all the old buildings that are now blended in within a modern city.  The old Weigh House stands near the center of the town, in the midst of the market, a large square bordering one of the main canals. The buildings of most interest are the tower of St. Jacques, and the Chancellerie, and the Fries Museum, which is located in a spectacular new building.

If you have any children, education is always an important element on deciding where you want to live. Leeuwarden has a number of respected universities of applied science, such as the Van Hall Instituut (agricultural and life sciences), the Stenden University (hotel management, economical and media management) and the Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden (economical, technical and arts). There are plenty of elementary schools and high schools in the city as well, making sure you (and your kids) don’t have to travel too far!

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