Game development services

Triangle Studios has been creating innovative games since 2006. We offer our clients professional development services, ranging from concept prototyping to full-service game development. Design, art creation, development and music; Whatever you need, we’ve got it!


We are licensed developers for all major game platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and WiiU. We are experienced iOS and Android developers, including Android TV and Apple TV.

We know our stuff

Over the years, we have created dozens of titles for many platforms. Experience is key for most game development projects. Knowing that we can deliver on-time and on-budget is a huge relief for all of our clients.

About Triangle Studios

Triangle Studios is an award winning studio with offices in the Netherlands and the United States. The company has been creating games and applications for all major platforms since 2006 and has developed high profile titles for industry leading clients. Triangle Studios is known for games such as Robot Dance Party and DancePad as well as self-published titles such as It came from space, and ate our brains and Cross of the Dutchman. Triangle Studios continues to push itself ahead of the industry-curve by using the latest technologies and recruiting highly talented and skilled employees.